The Garden of Exxon: Friday Fictioneers

We all have to answer to a higher authority. Some of us, though, are a little misguided about who that Higher Authority is… Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week’s topic is seriously humorous or vice versa. But either way, you better get it right.

© Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

© Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

The Garden of Exxon

A booming voice from above…

Looking up, a small voice replies,
Me? I’m Adam.
No, A-D-A-M.
What-ever. You’ve been bad. Now leave the garden.
What have I done?
You’ve bitten the apple and have acquired knowledge.
I sorry, but… you’re in the wrong garden.
Ex-cuse me?
You’re in the garden of Exxon, not Eden.
Yes, and we already answer to a higher authority.
And who might that be?
Our shareholders.
Ha. Do not think that they do not ultimately answer to me. Out now, Shaman!
It’s Adam… and this is Exxon.
Hold your tongue before I mistakenly call you Lot.

Randy Mazie


38 thoughts on “The Garden of Exxon: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    And they went forth from the Garden of Exxon in the Higher Powers Fury (1969, vintage model). It must’ve taken a Lot of energy to write this. And so I laughed.



  2. How I love the wordplay, in your story, and in the comments. I can only wish to posess a smidgen of that wit… Made me laugh out loud. I do have a grammar question, but am not sure if you welcome this (learner of English here).

  3. Great take on the prompt Randy, love your humour and the wordplay, very clever especially the thought that shareholders could be a higher authority…brilliant.

    • Thanks for recognizing my talents . My 3,000 page autobiography will be out soon and is retailing at $79.95, but for you, I con (I mean, can) do the first three chapters for only $19.95 if you order now

      (thanks for the nice compliments)


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