Hi. Welcome to The Writer’s Village.
Posted on April 22, 2012

This is your home town writing place. Read, comment, write and post. You are now a village resident: a resident reader, commentator, and writer. Welcome to the neighborhood! To start your own posts just email me at: mail@schoolbusmart.com

Randy  Mazie

Again, my email address is: mail@schoolbusmart.com


23 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. A village of writers! Should be both inspirational and challenging considering we are all writers seeking both commendation and approval in this competitive society of Online Blogging. Nonetheless, this is also a great medium for showcasing our works!

    • Hi Silvanthato,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. When I wrote this page I was new to blogging (and I still am), and I thought of this space as an area that anyone could post their pieces, or email me their work and I would post it for them. I still do think of it that way and I invite you to take advantage of it in that manner.

      I write on other people’s blogs. Not just commenting, but I like responding in kind – especially those who write poetry which moves me and I write them back in a style that I feel resonates with what they’ve written.

      Hope to hear more from you. Randy

    • Dear ranDom (may I call you That – or do you prefer Mr. muZer),

      How nice of you for thinking of me and for the nominations.

      However, I will not be able to attend the awards but will certainly be there, and somewhere else, in spirit. I do have videos though of my thank you speeches which I can send to you to post and/or show to your audience if and when I actually do win for one or all of the categories.

      In the meanwhile, I am honored and flattered. Mostly flattered. in fact, I am a lot flatter than most.

      In flat-ulence and fun,

      Thanks again,


    • Lurk away. Be aware that I lurk back.
      It’s a village. not quite a community. A village has distinct parts. A community is connected.
      I am not. Au contraire. I am quite disconnected. But feel free to dial me up anytime.

      PS I have lurked your web site and enjoyed what I’ve read and signed on as a follower.


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