We all need some encouragement each day. Here’s what I do…

A Year of Encouragements Because Life Doesn’t Come with an Instruction Manual

As a way of introducing myself and what this is all about, I want to let you know that there have been many days in my life when I have been frustrated, down, fearful, and angry.

Times when I was scared. Not knowing what to do.

I needed help, but I was afraid to ask.

Eventually, I sought help from counselors, twelve step programs, hypnotists, friends, and family.

But when the help ended, I realized I still needed a consistent message in my life. I needed to be reminded of the tools that worked and to practice them every day.

You see, I forget.

When things get really good or don’t go my way, I lose perspective.

Life doesn’t come with instructions. So, I continue to need help.I need tools to use regularly.

It’s how I keep my life relatively in balance.

I use daily encouragements, and I practice them.

Come visit me at my website at www.ayearofencouragements.com 

Read, learn, enjoy, and write to me

Also, listen to my “special” Christmas reading of ” Making the World Better” on YouTube at: You Tube A Yearof Encouragements

Stay tuned for more encouragements, videos and upcoming episodes.

See ya, Randy


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