Announcing the Publication of

A Year of Encouragements Because Life Doesn’t Come With an Instruction Manual


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Exciting News!!!

My new book, A Year of Encouragements Because Life Doesn’t Come with an Instruction Manual, is now available on Amazon and other distributors.

Who doesn’t want to be encouraged? I know I do.

Shop for your copy: One Great Book. Two Great Cover Choices.

Visit the  A Year of Encouragements website at: today!

Who has time for a whole bowl of chicken soup or reading chapters on how to change?

A Year of Encouragements provides short powerful daily messages inspiring us to help ourselves, strengthen our self-acceptance and self-love, and reminding us to practice what we’re learning!

We expend a lot of energy on self-help, but then we forget to use these new behaviors.

A Year of Encouragements keeps us practicing what we’ve learned.

It is a true daily self-help book!

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual!!!                                                              That’s good because most instruction manuals take forever to read.

Who has the time?

Social media dominates our lives today.                                                                               We instant message, Tweet, use Instagram, FB, TikTok, and more.

If we don’t “get something” right away, we usually just move on.

A Year of Encouragements presents short, quick, and easy-to-understand messages in a “social media” style format.

It doesn’t provide instructions. It can’t because there is no instruction manual.                        It doesn’t provide answers. It encourages us to find our own.

It offers inspiration and tools to make decisions on how to live life in the most comfortable and best ways possible.

Life always changes, but A Year of Encouragements doesn’t.

Watch a great video example of an encouragement by clicking this link!

  • Get your copy today!


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