Gertie And Morris in a “Slice of Type” only on Friday Fictioneers

No, it’s not exactly a ribbon cutting event, but…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week’s photo is:

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

A Slice of Type

Gertie, why are we saving that old typewriter? It’s a dust collector.

Why, Morris? Because it’s a collector’s item.

Collector-shmector. The keys are bent, there’s no ribbon and the slide is broken.

So nu, Morris? You can’t bend over to tie your shoes. What do you expect from an old typewriter?

No collector is gonna want this piece of chazerai.

And when I’m gone, Morris, what’s going to become of you? Are we going to throw you in the trash heap?

No, Gertie, “we” isn’t gonna throw “me” anywhere. Because you, Gertie, will be gone – along with that typewriter.

Randy Mazie

chazerai: Yiddish for junk.


46 thoughts on “Gertie And Morris in a “Slice of Type” only on Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    Chazarei is such a great word! One of my mother’s favorites when referring to just about anything in my room. 😀 Love the dialogue…feels like mishpocha to me.

    Shalom and azai gesundt back atcha.


  2. Those two sure have fun together. She should see if he will throw out a piece of his junk in trade for her throwing her pride and joy out. If not, that settles it!

  3. Chazerai! I like that. Yiddish is a fun language. I love when Yiddish words are sprinkled into English.

    I don’t think Morris or Gertie are going anywhere. Either is that typewriter.

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