A Long History: Friday Fictioneers

Everybody wants to change everything. It’s part of our nature. Well, most people’s nature. Some people, though, go to extremes with it. Others are just able to chill.

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s a story about love and tolerance and personal development (ha):

© Dee Lovering

© Dee Lovering

A Long History

“Doris, we’re on vacation.”
Doris sized up every place they went for real estate development.
“I’d fill in the water, and open a golf course or a upscale mall.”
“Doris, chill.”
“I will not, Frank, not while there are still possibilities to increase our revenue stream.”
“But we’re on vacation.”
“One has to always be on the lookout.”
“But this is an historical site. Maybe they want to keep it just as it is.”
“They don’t know what they want unless we tell them.”
“Cut it out, Doris. You’re not even employed.”
“Frank, have I told you lately I don’t like you?”

Randy Mazie


57 thoughts on “A Long History: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Delicious take on the challenge! I know people like this–what they have in front of them is never good enough. They always must tweak it, make it different (supposedly better). You captured that essence perfectly! 😉

    • I think that’s why a lot of readers (read that female) are saying they don’t like her. But, ya know, i didn’t intend for that to be a statement about Women about lording it over Mankind, I really meant it as a statement about capitalistic (or even Man’s) insensitivity and proclivity to over-development. Do we really need one more mall or golf course? Leave it alone already. My stories usually have the man in this position. I thought it was time to place the woman in that position.

  2. Doris says, Harumphf!

    Roses need to be pruned back to hold their beauty each year. Doris says she wants a steady supply of flowers. That, she says, is real value. Everything else is just fluff.

    She represents a 1% solution dominating the rest of the world – even if she is unemployed at the moment – she says unemployment is a temporary setback caused by her husband’s over-regulation.

  3. Funny stuff, Randy. If she keeps this up, either he or she is going to end up buried in that golf course. He better help her find a job quick so she can be too tired to think up all those schemes, just like most people. 😀 — Suzanne

    • Isn’t it a great line?
      Don’t we just hear that all the time from those who have power to make decisions about others and for others – as if “the others” can not decide for themselves – or, still worse, deny “them” any voice at all.

  4. Some people just can’t turn it of for vacation…
    And some don’t appreciate historical buildings!
    Well done!

    • You are so right. Some people just can’t it turn it off and appreciate.
      And other people seem to turn it off so much that they still may not appreciate.
      There’s a line there somehwere.

  5. Doris sounds like one of the developers our city council is allowing to take over our city. She’s probably never finished decorating the house either, right? This was amusing…

    • You got her pegged well.
      Now as to you city council, time to get out some new candidates and the vote…
      but first ask to see the council persons’ campaign donations and check the budget for decorating.


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