The Persecuting Prostitute: Limerick-Off Monday

Don’t get caught with this woman of the night. She’ll burn you right…

Limerick Suit (Limerick-Off Monday) of MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG challenges readers to write, obviously: LIMERICKS!

Woman licking corner of mouth small

The Persecuting Prostitute, or The Prostitute Prosecutes, or The Persecuting Prostitute Prosecutes Perspicaciously (okay, say that 5 times in a row)

A woman was filing a suit,
A working girl who’d prosecute
A John who owed
For parts that she showed,
Then leaving her irresolute.


A woman was filing a suit-ey,
She thought she being a cut-ey
With guys who were shy
She’d open their fly
And pull out their rooty-kazooty.

Then this women demanded her boot-ey
Which the men would try to disput-ey,
But she had an attorney,
Their buns he would burn-ey
If they didn’t pay off absolutel-ey.

Randy Mazie


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