The Honeymooners Go to a Costume Party: Friday Fire-escapetioneers

Norton in drag might be a pretty (or pretty funny) sight, but Ralph?

Friday Fictioneer – sometimes is fiction because it’s also on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays (sometimes even the week before if you’re watching and you’re quick) – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s: humor

Copyright – Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

The Honeymooners Go to a Costume Party

Ralph, have you seen my red shift?
No, Alice, why?
I was going to wear it tonight.
To the Costume party? Why would you wear that dress?
I’m going as Little Red Riding Hood.
Riding Hood? That’s funny, Alice.
Why, Ralph?
Because Norton is going as Red umm.
Really? And what are you going as?
I’m going as the wolf.
So Ralph, why is my red dress outside on the fire escape?
Fire escape? Norton didn’t pick it up yet? Oops…
Oops, my foot, Ralph! When were you going to tell me?
Ralph… you are one sad sounding wolf.

Randy Mazie
I think Alice will be sending Ralph to the moon – or at least baying at it.


36 thoughts on “The Honeymooners Go to a Costume Party: Friday Fire-escapetioneers

    • Thanks. Check back next week when they attend a Jewish wedding and can’t decide what to eat and how to react – from gefilte fish and herring to chopped liver, boiled chicken, tsimmes, and tagellach.

    • To dah moon – and today we say, to infinity and beyond…
      Wouldn’t we all love to see Norton in drag. This would be a great episode with Alice’s arms crossed, standing next to Trixie, and insisting that Ed put on the dress and then watching Ed strut his stuff.

  1. This was a great take on the photo prompt– so fun! I would have loved to see Alice send him to the moon. 🙂

  2. My favourite Flash read so far this week – a complete tale – loved it. So funny. And quite a sly trick. Seems like Alice has the big eyes in this one though!

    • Now that’s funny. Ed, did you hear that?

      No, what Ralph?

      Your name made her think of an anti-virus.

      Sorry, but I don’t have an Aunty Virus… unless she’s on my dearly departed mother’s side once removed from her family after the first world war when she was living in Belgium and. hmm.. You know Ralph, I used to love Belgium waffles.

      Never mind Ed. Sorry I said anything…

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