There’s Uppies, and Then There’s Downey’s

Oops, five sentence fiction? Goggles?
How about 15 sentence fiction and make it “Giggles”?

Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Goggles?

iron Man

There’s Uppies, and Then There’s Downey’s (Iron Man 3)

Agent: The studio is already calling you for the fourth movie sequel.
Robert: I couldn’t care less at this point.
Agent: Robert, you have to strike when the iron’s hot.
Robert: Was that supposed to be a pun? While the iron’s hot? How iron-ic!
Agent: Huh?
Robert: It was just a little heavy metal humor. Listen, you convinced me to do this third version. Okay, but now I really need to have something that I can sink my teeth into.
Agent: You want a vampire movie?
Robert: Since when have you become a comedian? I pay you to be my agent. Get me something serious.
Agent: This is serious.
Robert: I’ll be making these Iron Man movies until I’m an old man.
Agent: Yes, they already have the final episode planned. They’re calling it “Scrap Metal”.

Randy Mazie


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