CHEERS 2!!! Drinks and Justice Shall Be Served – Friday’s Friday Fictioneer

Continuing in the spirit of Cheers and you wanna be where everybody knows your name…. I guarantee that after this story, not only will everybody know their names but it will be all over the papers and the net!

Friday’s Friday Fictioneer – not to be confused with Wednesday’s or Thursday’s– Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s: Bar Stories – humor and real life and more…

Copyright-Ted Strutz

Copyright-Ted Strutz

CHEERS! Drinks and Justice Shall Be Served
(in a darker side of the lounge)

Meet Eunice. She’s running for town council. She’ll be the third vote you’ll need to get contract approval for the Affordable Housing program. Eunice, meet Joe. Joe owns the construction company.

Glad you decided to run, Eunice. How did Frank convince you?

Frank will funnel the loan through my husband’s bank once the council approves it.

Who’s putting in for the grant, Frank?

The town’s attorney.

And you get …?

Twenty-five K for me, the attorney, and this fine new candidate.

You’re both under arrest…. Officer Warren (the agent says into a radio), go ahead and pick up the attorney.

Randy Mazie


22 thoughts on “CHEERS 2!!! Drinks and Justice Shall Be Served – Friday’s Friday Fictioneer

    • It’s happened numerous times in Broward County Florida from town council members to school Board members, I’m ashamed to say. Many more people need to go down.

      I left a few “rich” comments on your blog… Randy

    • Yes, the construction company was bogus, and Joe was the bogus owner, who set up this sting.
      Now Joetwo, we hear you may be in on this, too. We’d like you to come down to headquarters and give us your statement. You can’t play naive on this one for long.

    • It feels like fiction most times, sadly…
      but I have a list of 15 or more that gone to jail for these types of crimes in the past few years just here in Broward County, Florida.
      Hurray. I hope there’s more coming!!!!

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