Loving You – My response to “Mwah” by fortyoneteen

Words are joy, are love, are connections…

Fourtyoneteen wrote a love poem that so moved me that I wrote one back immediately.

Please feel free to click the link, or copy and paste this into your browser to read hers first, if you’d like, and then return to read mine:
loving you
Loving You

Tonight, I received your words.
Not all of them equally
but mostly the ones about our mouths.

I tasted that kiss that you wrote for me.
There were no words that I could whisper back
upon your sweet neck
That could parallel the

Soft relentless rhythm
Of your written kiss. Flowing
first on paper, read and rude;
then pouring into my anticipated body,
past parted lips, harsh but oh so ready,
waiting for the rest of you to arrive.

Tonight, though too far to be close,
Your written kiss which started wet, warm, and round
Was so close …

That all of me kissed you back, and hard.



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