Bob Dylan Meets Adam and Eve on a Whirling Sunday: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

Imagine a whirling Sunday of serious humor and religious quackery, a parody and an oxymoron, in which Bob Dylan hooks up with Adam and Eve to decipher God’s Word out on a Highway 61 in the town of Eden while eating humble apple pie…

Each week The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “Wordle’s” 12 words. This week it is:

Wordle’s words


God Went One Further, But We Weren’t Listening
(a parody and a tribute to Bob Dylan)

God said to Adam and to Eve, See
that tree of knowledge? You
have to believe
me when I say it’s a crime:
no eating its fruit!
But they knew not of crime.
Was God was being cute?

So God said again, Sing,
my kids, and shine
with all that surrounds you, but
don’t take what’s mine.
Take all that is yours, but
just don’t be cute.
Don’t eat that apple, don’t
touch the fruit.

Now Adam and Eve just weren’t grasping
that if Eden was theirs that God
might be gasping
if they took that one fruit, their
thinking was stinking
Oh, who could they injure?
with their non sequitur thinking.

So God went one further
dropping this dime,
on Adam and Eve,
now listen this time.
If you eat this tree’s meat, kids,
you’ll be singing a chime,
which never will sound like
a good nursery rhyme

But Adam and Eve, dumb-asses,
bit off more than they could chew.
Then seeing their privates,
their knowledge it grew.
And God just kept saying
that it all has come true.
You should have listened
to me and not you.

Then Adam and Eve said, God,
You were right.
why did we argue
why did we fight
why didn’t we listen
about original sin.
Now You’ve cast us out
and we can’t get back in.
We didn’t deliver, so
You gave us each boots,
and sent us down river
in our birthday suits.

Oh, why did we tilt
towards that tree of guilt,
and feed on its seed,
not let the fruit wilt,
and just go to weed,
and follow God’s creed.
How did it begin?
Well, just listen in,
it was original sin
but we didn’t listen.

God told us and told us
but we weren’t listening.

Just not listening.
Not listening.

Randy Mazie


9 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Meets Adam and Eve on a Whirling Sunday: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

    • You think so? It certainly wasn’t my intention to “dis” God.

      The piece, as I wrote it, has nothing to do with God’s failings, but mankind’s (vis-a-vis Adam and Eve) failure to listen to God.
      I thought I portrayed this in what I wrote as a light-hearted parody in Bob Dylan’s voice.

      Perhaps I am reading too much into or misinterpreting your comment.
      Never-the-less, thanks for reading and commenting.


        • Hmm.

          There are too many themes in your statement to be able to do any justice in response – although it is an interesting poser.

          Agree/disagree with your view. Ridiculous/not ridiculous myth. Whetjher the Adam/Eve story is a myth/truth/allegory. Views of God. Good light/bad light God views.

          I decline, but thanks anyway.


          How do you think Bob Dylan might respond? Ha.

  1. Still trying to get through that opening paragraph, Randy. 🙂 Just kidding. Enjoyed the poem immensely. You’d have though not to eat just one thing wouldn’t have been that hard, but no! Well done, you!


    • I understand that the opening paragraph was a mouthful in and of itself (pun intended), and that God might have said that I needed to watch my words as well as my mouth when I wrote it.

      And yes, you’re right: anyone would’ve thought that not to eat just one thing wouldn’t have been that hard. But then again, if that was true – We wouldn’t have Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

      Thanks for the “well done”. But the apple was raw, I think. 😉 Ha!


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