I Offered My Heart on Wounded Knees (an indigenous love story)

Love can be offered in many ways, in many places …

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week photo is:

ยฉ J Hardy Carroll


I Offered My Heart on Wounded Knees
(an indigenous love story)

“Father,” the dark-haired boy asked, “Is this where mother lived?”

“Yes,” father replied as he limped by the house. “I stood right here throwing pebbles at your mother’s bedroom window, hoping to see her. Your grandfather did not approve of us then.”

Looking up with admiration, his son asked, “And you climbed up on that roof?”

“I did.”

“Then you proposed to her?”

“No, son.” Papa smiled. “Then I fell through the roof breaking both legs. I proposed to her when she visited me at the rehab center. There, I offered my heart on wounded knees.”

Randy Mazie


44 thoughts on “I Offered My Heart on Wounded Knees (an indigenous love story)

    • What? Clumsy? LOL.
      Listen, this guy just climbed up on a roof to profess his love to his sweetheart. Not clumsy. No way.
      Misguided, maybe. Poor judgment as to the weight of the roof, yes.
      But not clumsy.
      Rich, yes. Tender, certainly so – and humorous, definitely.
      True to life – nah. I made it all up in my little head.

      Thanks for commenting,

    • I wondered how many of the readers noticed that I had slipped the word “limp”into that second paragraph. Good eyes.

      Yes, it was very costly. In fact, you could almost say he could’ve not had a leg to stand on in that proposal. Argh.


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