dVerse ~ Poets Pub: Shoes With Laces (with love to Shel Silverstein)

I love the topic of shoes and I love Shel Silverstein, both of which have such great soles and souls…

Here’s the deal at dVerse ~ Poets Pub . The challenge is to write a poem, of any length or form, about footwear: stilettos, Wellington boots, hobnail boots, sandals, slippers, ballet shoes..

Here’s how to join in:

* Write a poem in response to the challenge;
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Shoes With Laces
(with love to Shel Silverstein)

My shoes have laces
though some have none.
I’m glad mine do.
They’re much more fun,
then losing shoes
when I try to run.

My heels might slide
with so much slack
without shoe laces
to hold them back.

My feet might flip,
my toes might curl,
my soles might slip,
and I might whirl
head over heels,
then I might spin
and scrape my knees
and cut my chin.

No. No. No shoes
without their lacing,
I would say
would be disgracing.

But then again,
if you forget
to lace your shoes,
it’s a safe bet

with shoes untied,
I have to say
that you’d be tripping


Randy Mazie


29 thoughts on “dVerse ~ Poets Pub: Shoes With Laces (with love to Shel Silverstein)

  1. I must confess to not being a reader of Silverstein. But you have composed one fun poem. I like the sound of this muchly. The rhythm and rhymes gives a sense of running and tripping. I have to say that when my husband and I were married, as I walked down the aisle, I was checking to be sure his shoes were tied. He was notorious for wearing his shoes with the laces untied. He’s gotten better but not much!

  2. Thank you so much for joining us, Randy, and sharing your shoes with laces, which seem to tie in with Silverstein and Dr Seuss! I also love my shoes with laces and especially enjoyed the lines:
    ‘My heels might slide
    with so much slack
    without shoe laces
    to hold them back’.
    Great use of rhyme and rhythm!

    • Thanks. Always nice, as they say, to be seen… here or anywhere.
      Thanks for the heads up on making Shel proud.

      Been busy having tried to walk the AT, giving up and then traveling by car up and down the east coast, then writing short stories, and getting a few small victories in poems being published online. And bringing day old hens into our home (via USPS), and who are now 2 months old and ready for free ranging – all 14 of them.


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