dVerse ~ Poets Pub: A Higher Magic

A challenge to write a poem about magic and a prompt of a poem by Shel Silverstein, that was deliciously magical in and of itself, and I couldn’t resist the magic temptation…

Here’s the trick at dVerse ~ Poets Pub . The challenge is to pen a poem about magic.

Join in by:
* going to the above linked blog page;
* enter a link to your poem and your name, and by clicking Mr. Linky and doing the same;
* You will find links to other poets;
* Read and comment on other poet’s work;
* and please link back to dVerse from your site/blog;

bird cage magic @Randy Mazie

A Higher Magic

Into the hat,
out of the sleeve,
into the vat,
the magic will weave:

Swirled in the cauldron,
picked from the deck,
sung by a shaman,
the magic will wreck:

Your belief in what is,
what you see or see not,
is it real or showbiz
or diddley-squat?

Look here, no look here,
I’ve a hare by the ear,
once in my hand
and now over there.

And the bird in the air
that soon disappeared
is sitting quite near
the hare unimpaired.

A prestidigitator?
You just have to believe
in something just greater
than you can perceive.

Randy Mazie


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