The Sting Club: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

Thou shalt not steal. Avarice, covetousness, deception and disloyalty won’t get you where you want to go… especially if you’re a government official – or CEO.

Each week The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “Wordle’s” 12 words. This week it is:


The Sting Club

The Sting Club

They arrested him yesterday.
He was a big muck-a-muck in the government.
He had drive, but he also had excuses.
He was not guilty, he sputtered.
His explanations were like seeds scattered to the winds,
hoping some would settle, taking root.

He had trampled on everything he was supposed to
represent – integrity, the common man, goodwill.
None of this meant much to him.
They were like sepia images: old and outdated.
His was a New World Order: a Player’s Game.

They used a plant in his office. It was a process
of many years. He’d begin small with trips he accepted
from his contributors, then bigger gifts, and then, in return,
he would string together clandestine business arrangements.

In the Old World Order, the Master’s Game,
was not a sepia image, but full living color
painted in hues and tones and implications:

Like bread, all politics is kneaded with economics;
And like bread, all economics is kneaded with politics.

Yet all bread is kneaded with salt.
And if Bread loses its saltiness…

Randy Mazie


14 thoughts on “The Sting Club: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

  1. Randy, once I worked for a politician, drove him around to his meetings in Cleveland in my little grey Toyoya Corolla – he was a good man ( and even a democrat, yikes ) – ten years later he was a millionaire and deeply involved in the savings and loan scandal. How I despise a dishonest politician, but I believe the temptation is almost beyond resistance.

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