The Nature of Things: Friday Fictioneers

Sad, how the things of man work out…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s nothing to bark about…

© Sandra Crook

© Sandra Crook

The Nature of Things

They cut me down and for what? What were they thinking?
I heard them say that they were going to build a house here.
Well, okay. I was here first, but I get it.
But they could have built around me. There is all this space.
But no, they cut me down.
I was here for two hundred years.
Two hundred years!
How old were they? Forty, maybe.
So they cut me down and then they don’t come back. It’s been 3 years.
I don’t get it.
Somebody grumbled about funding running out as they left…

Randy Mazie


57 thoughts on “The Nature of Things: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    I’ve always found it strange how contractors seem to think they need to clear all the trees from an area in order to “develop” it. My spouse’s grandpa was a builder, and Grandma used to go out and tie ribbons on the trees she wanted left on the land. This always–ALWAYS increased the property values because when others in the neighborhood had no trees or mere saplings in their yard, the homes Grandpa built had full-grown trees for shade.

    Good story, Randy! I hope people heed these warnings.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

    • Marie, your thoughts are mine on this. There is little as sad to me as the empty, treeless lots waiting for buildings, which then require landscaping and trees, the latter which will take years and years to mature. Trees are precious, whether for what we are able to (sustainably) produce from them or “only” for their beauty, shade, and more.


      • Good comments by both of you.

        Janet – it’s funny when I saw your comments in my inbox and you wrote Marie, I thought you misspelled my last name (Mazie).
        Marie – that’s a great story about your grandmother. She must of been a strong woman, and I like reading that your grandfather respected her wishes and choices.


    • It’s not true. There is no tree. There are no developers. I made up the whole story. I wanted to amuse you as well as make you sad.
      I’m glad I was able to achieve my goals.
      But now you can feel better knowing that it wasn’t true at all.

  2. There is a garden of very old trees being cut down in my town as we speak (or type!) because an old house was sold in an area that is zoned for commercial development. My neighbour is contracted with clearing the timber so I seen huge chunks of tree trunk go past my window several times per day as he moves the wood up to his barn for chopping. It’s hard to understand why their value is not appreciated

    • Some of the townspeople should’ve gone to the Town Council meeting and protested. If the Council still voted up the zoning, then the townies should have tied themselves to the trees and called in all the media that they could to save the trees.

      Some people say you can’t fight “City Hall”, but my neighbors and I did with an issue that ran alongside our homes involving changing the land use of an easement – it took 5 years – but we won.


      PS. Even if we had lost, it would have been worth it to have shown the Council that they can’t just do things without having repercussions. As it was, we voted 3 of the council members out.

  3. Great barky voice. This sort of things happens too often. (There’s a development going up near us – they’ve already cut the trees down, dug up the earth releasing god knows how much CO2 into the atmosphere; the badgers and foxes will have gone; nestings disturbed. Money made.)

  4. Loved the POV and glad to find more fans of Shel. I do think there are some sprouts coming up from those old roots… at least I hope so.

  5. Oh you have hit a nerve with this story. I hate it when developers clear a huge piece of land, demolish trees and hedgerows and then leave it to stagnate with months and months…
    Well told, well done.

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