Breaking the Rules: Shining The Light on Our Father

Sometimes you have to break the rules, but most times a little light will work just as well…

picture by Randy Mazie (all rights reserved)

picture by Randy Mazie (all rights reserved)”

Breaking the Rules: Shining The Light on Our Father

Clem, dad said don’t do that.

Come on Jamie. Dad doesn’t know everything.

But he said…

I know what he said. Pass me the light.

Clem. I don’t want to see what’s there.

Jamie, do you want to spend the rest of your life in the dark?

Yes, if I have to.

Well, not me. I’ve got to see what he was talking about.

You know dad doesn’t bluff. He says what he means.

Yeah. So I want to see it for myself.

I don’t get it. Why don’t you ever believe what people say?

People don’t always tell the truth. People lie.

You saying that dad lies?

No, but he’ll make up stuff just to prove his point.

But isn’t that what it’s all about?

Huh? What do you mean that that is what it’s all about?

The point.

What point? What are you saying?

Clem, all I’m saying is the point is what it’s all about. Not whether what somebody says is true or not. It’s the point the person is making.

Jamie, you got to know whether someone is telling you the truth or not.

No, Clem. You only need to know what the truth really is.

What are you saying? I think dad’s lying. Pass me that damn light.

No Clem. I’m going. Get your own damn light.

Jamie, get back here.. Where are you going? I need you, Jamie. Give me the light.

Randy Mazie


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