BABY Bran Cereal – Picture It and Write (or Read It and Weep)

BABY Bran Cereal – Try it. Its brand-spanking-new.

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

The picture prompt for this week is below:

reposted from Ermilia's "picture it and write"

reposted from Ermilia’s “picture it and write”

BABY Bran Cereal

“BABY Bran,” the announcer baritoned over wondrously patriotic music, crescendo’ing to bursts of fireworks, flaming stars, and bright splashes of red, white, and blue, drawing the viewers’ attention from the baby in bowl of cereal in the front of the screen to the excitement of a new product being introduced to a long awaiting American public.

“It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s just being born especially for you.”

“We guarantee that BABY Bran will begin your day in a spirit of rebirth, a rebirth of flavor and renewed awareness of life, which will fill you with every bite that you take. BABY Bran has no added unnatural ingredients, comes fresh to you from our BABY Bran factory, and we guarantee that you will never, ever, throw the baby out with the proverbial cereal milk. This is no baby in the bath water. This is the real thing.”

Laughter. Smiling faces of happy moms and dads. Middle Americans. Townspeople and Farmers.

“And unlike Raisin Bran which has a scoop of raisins in every box, BABY Bran is so real and lifelike that we warn you ahead of time that it may have a scoop of poop in every box. But no mind, every scoop of poop is organic in nature because our babies are only fed the finest natural ingredients.”

More laughter. More faces of happy and contented families. Flash to a little girl looking up at her mother and giggling, “Poop, ma. That’s funny.”

“So please,” the baritone assures the now serious audience, “Read the label on the box, then disregard the warnings, and dig into what will eventually become world-famous, and hard to find as supplies dwindle and demand rises and pricing soars, for our one and only, super terrific, absolutely unique, and never before enjoyed:

BABY Bran cereal

It’s like the stork brought it just for you!”


Randy Mazie


10 thoughts on “BABY Bran Cereal – Picture It and Write (or Read It and Weep)

  1. Thanks for sending me here, Randy. I’m feeling so much better now. Who knew poop could be such a pep-up?

  2. “…then disregard the warnings…” I don’t remember if it was What Would You Do, or another hidden camera show, but there was one that showed a microwave exploding and some clear safety issues. People were offered $100 to testify that they use it all of the time and it’s completely safe. Scary how many of them put $100 over the safety of others.

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