The View from the Bridge: VisDare and Sarah Ann Hall

Okay, so I got all fla-blund-ged (confused) again (which is not that unusual for me).

I saw Sara Ann Hall’s blog about a bridge which was in response to what I thought was this week’s VisDare, which it was and it wasn’t, and it inspired me to write. And so I wrote about Sarah Ann Hall’s prompt thinking it was VisDare, but VisDare had photo of a woman walking a duck which was just ducky…

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy – 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt: Waiting

But mine is about: The Bridge

from Sarah Ann Hall’s which was reposted from

The View from the Bridge

The view is absorbing. The fog entrances every journeyer. The cool air seduces them, and visions soon appear.

Against the overcast, some see the future. Others, I am told, relive the past. Some imagine paintings so rich in color and movement and texture that they literally try to climb inside their illusory canvasses. Others hear heavenly orchestras, so divine, that they hang on the railings as they fall to their knees, and weep in rapture or lamentation.

Some are inspired to continue in their journey. Others transcend into a different spiritual plane. And for yet others, the experience is so intense and fulfilling that they remain exactly where they are. They become as pilings, vertical stubs, rising up from the waters alongside the bridge; wooden markers of civilization, like the years underneath a timeline, pointing either to mankind’s greatest achievements or his most abominable disappointments.

Randy Mazie


8 thoughts on “The View from the Bridge: VisDare and Sarah Ann Hall

    • Dear Janet,,

      All the voices in my head…

      They’re a standing committee in which one member says, “Write this” while another member of the committee insists, “No, write this!” A third member argues, “Wait. What if we take this story to this level; or switch it around and start at the end rather than beginning?” And five more pipe in, and I walk out of the room and close the door on them, only to come back later to see if they’ve settled down on one central storyline that I can now begin to write.

      Yes, we’re all here and we’d like to hear from you.

      BTW – did you just notice that heading? It’s always been there – from the beginning of my blog.


  1. Your story is so evocative, conjuring up so much from that fog. I could see it inveigling its way into people’s minds and sending them mad (perhaps). Particularly love the, “They become as pilings,…. wooden markers of civilization..”

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