His Spirit: Life Slices

Life Slices explores living moments.

Exposing the best and the worst in
everyday experiences,
Life Slices shows how life
affects each of us in significant ways.

Inspired by Boy With a Hat’s “50 Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away”
And the contradictoryoptimist’s “100words-100stories-100days”,
“Life Slices” portrays slices of life in 50 words or less.

public domain image- Bing search


His Spirit

Heavily sedated, Doyle was strapped to the hospital bed.

The cancer was widespread. They cut much more than he knew.

Fiercely independent, the cuffs and drugs allowed him time to heal and not rip the tubes out.

We worried more for his spirit though, than the cancer they had cut.

Randy Mazie

Have some fun...

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