Word Beaters

In the beginning there was the light,
then the word,
then the debate over which came first: the light or the word,
because you couldn’t have known there was light in the beginning
unless there was the word to write about it.
Then there was the egg beaters: chicken or the egg?
And now I announce the start of the:
Word Beaters!

public domain dictionary picture


An ancient ancestor arrives on the scene using foul language before you even get a chance to say it.

As in, “F*ck, he was my precursor.”

Someone who vowed to remain until “death do we part”
not thinking about when that death might begin.

A sloggin’ hog who swears he needs no cover on his pig skin to protect it from his pig swigs.

In church, those who do not have enough faith on their plates to pass it, in their plates to keep it, or over their plates to hide it.

She fights skirmishes of idle chatter.

New Orleans after floods, storms, and oil spills.

Not being able to speak for one’s self.
In a perfect storm, it is known as “thunderstruck”.
In a forest, it is known as “stumped”, or in the wilds, “bewildered”.

A fisher of men offering de bait

Similar to the supernatural word “entrance”, as often times a sorceress will create a magical boost, augmentation, enlargement, or swelling, which leaves the recipient of the entrancement or viewer of the enhancement, particularly males, feeling quite expansive, bulked up, miss-tified, aggrandized, and overly appreciative.

Randy Mazie


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