The New Victims: A Sonnet for the Wealthy

They cry that they are the new victims.
Taxes will strip away their ability to create jobs.
Taxes hurt the economy.
Yet they spend millions on an attack ads, lobbyists,
on campaign funds and junkets,
on a multitude of tax avoidance preparers, accountants and lawyers,
as they move money to off shore accounts
to evade paying taxes at all.
They pollute our rivers and air. They use our roads and airports.
They use our police and firemen and courts (ha)…
But they still don’t want to pay.

Bank of America Corporate Center
Bing public domain image


The New Victims

As days go by our definitions change.
What once was young and fresh will now seem worn.
A radio we’d happily exchange
For apps on phones where new ideas are born.

Ideas build wealth, and wealth we should achieve.
And when you have it hold it tight, and near.
Make others think that you are so naive
That you think paying taxes isn’t fair.

That power that we thought that wealth would bring,
The wealthy cry that they are now the prey.
Poor victims of an overreaching sting
Of legislation stripping wealth away.

“Not fair! Class warfare! Taxes sap our wealth.”
Poor billionaires! Feign faint financial health.

Randy Mazie


5 thoughts on “The New Victims: A Sonnet for the Wealthy

    • Terrible thing that BofA building – and imagine how they suffer!

      PS I just opened a business account with them. I practically had to pay them to take my money.
      Ha, I cried all the way to the bank but this time literally.

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