And Winter Will Bring? Julia’s Place 100WCGU

What is 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.

The prompt is (click here to visit this week’s post):

… and winter will bring …

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 104 all together.

pic from Wikipedia public domain image

And Winter Will Bring?

That’s the subject.
What are you gonna write?
Write about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Nobody cares about dwarfs.
I do.
That’s ‘cause you’re a dwarf.
And that is politically incorrect. You’re gonna flunk the course.
It’s a blog.
Of course.
No, a blog.
Of course.
Whatever. What else?
A rash.
A rash? And winter will bring a rash?
Every winter I get one.
A rash?
Every winter.
The cold chafes my thighs, and bingo! A rash.
I’m not writing about that.
It’s a good story.
No, it isn’t.
What d’you know? You write for a log.

Randy Mazie


38 thoughts on “And Winter Will Bring? Julia’s Place 100WCGU

    • That’s whose name?
      The guy on first.
      The guy on first.
      That’s what I’m asking.
      And I’m telling you.

      I love it. I laugh as I write this. I have this skit up on my wall and I read/think of it often.


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