Tim and Tina’s Grassy-ass

Some people find themselves in the oddest situations.
Some people have the oddest things.
Like Tina who has an odd thing.
And Tim who doesn’t know quite what to say about it.











Tim and Tina’s Grassy-ass
There’s green on the bottom of your skirt.
Yeah, I know.
Were you sitting on grass?
Then why is it green?
I have this odd disease that makes grass grow on my derrière.
Wow. I’ve never heard of that.
Not many people have.
Do you mind if I touch it?
No, go right ahead.
Wow. That’s really soft and nice.
Thank you. Grassy-ass.
You’re welcome.
No, it’s grassy-ass.
It certainly is.
No, it’s called grassy-ass
You call your ass by name?
No. It’s the name of the disease, asshole.
The disease’s name is asshole?
No, you’re an asshole,
Hey. Let’s not get personal.
Personal? You don’t think it’s personal with you touching and complimenting my rear end?
I don’t know, but just don’t call me an asshole.
Sorry. What should I call you?
A lawn service.
Randy Mazie


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