Your Big Baby Father Slipped This In! — Julia’s Place 100WCGU

From Julia’s Place: What is 100WCGU?
This week’s prompt is: (see this week’s prompt site by clicking here)

*evil cackling heard from behind*
Julia writes: …something a little different… Well it’s my son’s 36th birthday this week. We have a tradition in our family that my husband chooses his card so it is always from the humorous section. For the challenge this week, I want you to write the words to go with this picture. You don’t have to use 100 words.

Dear Son,

Your father wants to choose this card.
You know he gets one every year.
But now that you are 36,
You need a change, monsieur.

No more cats in silly wigs
With glasses that are dumb,
And no more poems so absurd
They rhyme with sugarplum.

It’s time you got a grown up card.
And I hope you take this kindly.
Wait! Your big baby father slipped this in?
OOhhh! There’s evil cackling heard from behind me.

I’ll get you both back soon!
Happy birthday in the meanwhile.


Randy Mazie


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