When He was Born… (kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt Reason 2 Rhyme – “This Day In History…”)

Monday, July 2, 2012 Poetry Prompt… from kbnelson’s Reason 2 Rhyme – “This Day In History…”

Select one particular day in history (the world’s or your personal experience) and write a poem contrasting the same day in the present.

When He Was Born

My heart whispered, this is mine.
I stroked his soft new skin, I listened to him coo,
He lost his breath; I fretted, oh, oh, and when
He sucked his air back in, I soared, and I danced.
Our lives began in love and worry:
I was daddy;
This is my son.

Today, we are reborn
in stroking new soft flesh; we listen to him coo,
And lose his breath; we fret, oh, oh, oh, and when
He sucks in air, we soar and we dance
Together: two linked soul-dancers, one not sure of the steps;
One having danced with missteps for many years, and
All three lives wrapped in love beginning:
Grandpa-daddy and daddy-son,
And baby-son, and

Randy Mazie


8 thoughts on “When He was Born… (kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt Reason 2 Rhyme – “This Day In History…”)

  1. That was breathtakingly beautiful! You captured the first moments so eloquently, that “oh, oh, oh” where we stop breathing ourselves in anticipation. Just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • Thank you. And I just read yours and no quid pro quo, but this is what I posted on your site:
      I think a very nice piece of work. I like your choice of history, I like the simple way you dramatized it, and I like the way (or better yet, disliked the way) I felt at the end with the words “future obscured” juxtaposed to the ending words of the first stanza of “hope” – knowing then there was none as she was not found – and worried that our future will disappear as she did. I still feel upset. 😉 Thanks, Randy

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