The Revenant: Not Worth Your Time

I have never posted a movie review before. But after watching “The Revenant”, I am compelled to post.

The Revenant

The Revenant

It was a terrible picture. It goes on forever. The scenes are unbelievable.

For example, DiCaprio, after being beaten by a bear, should have a crushed head, broken back, and broken limbs – and within a short period time is up and walking. After this, he goes on to survive falling down waterfalls, cliffs, hundreds of arrows being shot at him, and more – and continues as if nothing has happened.

There so much that is unbelievable here, it is impossible to suspend disbelief.

Another example occurs in the confusion in the scenery after he survives a waterfall. The mountains are no longer are snow-covered as they had been all along before this scene, and then throughout the remainder of the film. Mountains are now all green, no snow, and it looks like spring. Then flips back to terrible snow storms.

The characters swim in freezing water (without the hypothermia from the Titanic), eat frozen meat without having their tongues stick to it, walk around without gloves or hats on in frozen conditions, emerge naked in the snow and put on what should be frozen clothing as if the clothing are now soft and just taken out of a dryer.

The movie is three hours, which is two hours too long. It is painful to sit through, and painful to watch.

The plot is thin; and there is very little to carry the moviegoer through three hours of implausible and ridiculous scenes of DiCaprio surviving everything that happens to him.

Is the scenery, the music, the symbolism, the director’s artistic weight enough to offer any praise to this way-overrated movie? The answer is no. But then again, I thought Birdman was ridiculous, too – and DiCaprio has done very few good movies worth seeing. Too bad.

Pass on this one for sure.

Randy Mazie


4 thoughts on “The Revenant: Not Worth Your Time

  1. I wasn’t going to watch it anyway, and this just confirms my decision, ha. Sounds like a movie that relies on fabulous scenery, a famous actor, and action-y events to carry it forward.

  2. My husband has trouble enough with movies at theatre (he uses subtitles for conversation on telly), so this would’ve put him off going to the cinema forever and after. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Of course I don’t think there are that many good movies anyway, but this one sounds especially annoying simply due to its lack of attention to detail, story aside. Thanks for the review.


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