Elizabeth Warren Rips Citigroup: recalls Teddy Roosevelt

If you’ve not heard Elizabeth Warren speak before, take a moment now. If you have, you’ll appreciate her insightful analysis of what’s going on with the banking industry’s influence over government and its effects on all of us…

It’s 8 minutes, and time well spent, as Elizabeth Warren speaks plain English,
spelling out clearly what is wrong with big banks, in this case with Citigroup, their influence on the political system – and she punches hard and direct.

She relates her criticisms historically, which so many of us don’t realize, to Teddy Roosevelt’s actions in breaking up trusts and monopolies. What we are fighting today is not new.

My wish is that she becomes a viable candidate for president.
She is a fighter, representing the poor and middle class. A great reformer and activist. A person – a remarkable woman – of courage and conviction. Outspoken, and brave.

Randy Mazie


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