Ex Friends: Five Sentence Fiction

Sometimes a friend is not really a friend –
or is a friend to the end… Mu-wa-ha-ha-ha

Some friendships are so edgy
that they’ll literally put you right over the edge.
Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Edge

Ex Friends

Larry, I tell you that sitting on top of Mount Messenger and looking down over Serenity Valley was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.

So Henry, it was you who Jim shot that picture of sitting out on Widow’s Bluff this morning?

Yeah, that was me – and I never thought that I could do it, but it was so peaceful and beautiful.

Well, that proves that you’re darn crazy sitting out there with only a backpack on.

Backpack? Jim told me it was a parachute…

Randy Mazie


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