The Skull and Butterfl-eye: Picture It and Write

What does it take to be a real pirate? Well, first ye got to have a skull and crossbones….

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

The picture prompt for this week is below:

Image from (reposted from ermiliablog.wordpress)

Image from (reposted from ermiliablog.wordpress)

The Skull and Butterfl-eye

Yo-ho. Yo-ho. A pirate’s life for me.

Wait a minute, Matey. Yer ain’t no pirate.

Whad’ya mean, ye barnacle-crusted turnip of a limp sea-turtle.

Why, where’s yer skull and bones? Ye sham land-lubbin’ liar.

Ain’t got no skull and bones, ye crumb bucket son-of-a-low-tide.

Then ye ain’t no pirate, ye scurvy linked pondsucker

Yer hoid of Jack Sparrow, ain’t ye?

Everyone‘s hoid of Jack Sparrow, ye fool-arsed freeboater.

Well, he had a skull and sparrow, ye numb-skulled bird-droppin’ old corsair.

Gaw on. Yer tawkin’ through yer empty-headed hat now.

Long John Silver, he had a skull and a bar of silver.

Yer crazy!

Black Beard had a skull with a black beard. Ye plank-walkin’ wind-bag.

And if so, then so whit’s yer point, ye half-crazed bloated whale.

I’ve got the skull and butterfl-eye.

And so, what’s that make you?

Cap’n Chrys Alis.

Randy Mazie


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