Watson and Crick Go DNA: Picture it and Write

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

The picture prompt for this week is below:


Watson and Crick Go DNA

What the hell are those things? Amoebas?

Crick! That’s why you’re a frickin’ graduate student.

And Watson, just because you are a postdoctoral fellow, you think you’re better? By the way, what the hell is a post doctoral fellow, anyway?

Mind your own business, Crick. How often do you find a British University like Cambridge employing an American? So you can just kiss my molecular structure.

Make that D N doubleA. Dumb Nutty American Ass. And why are we using wires to string these little pieces of amoebas or whatever the hell they are together?

How many times do I have to tell you! Erwin Chargaff found that adenine and thymine were approximately equal to amounts of guanine and cytosine? That’s why I’m the fellow and you’re just a grunt graduate student.

But isn’t Chargaff an artist? And have you considered that thymine and guanine could adopt a slightly different chemical shape?

That was Chagall you’re referring to, you shmick. But wait, you’re on to something here. Let’s make two base pairs and then I think we’ve got it.

Watson, I hate pears! And do I have to string these all over again? And isn’t it, “By Gorge, we’ve got it.” And…

Crick! Shut up and keep stringing, or you’ll never graduate!

Randy Mazie


16 thoughts on “Watson and Crick Go DNA: Picture it and Write

  1. Watson, come here. Don’t you understand that bell. I’ve a crick in my back and can’t phantom this structure. Move that helium tank while I work on the fix. Wait, helium, fix, helium fix. Helix. Watson, you’re a genius.

  2. A great read… I didn’t understand one word (well, maybe one) but heck, it sure was good… um I think it was good…!
    Yeah; I’ve got a smile on my face; it must have been good…! 😉

  3. Awesome! Amoebas was totally the first thing that crossed my mind! I’m staying away from the puns. This post is already in danger of spontaneous combustion. The important thing is you didn’t use mine. 🙂

    This is pretty intellectual stuff, Randy. Is this off the top of your head, or did you Google around and assimilate? Either way, I’m impressed!

  4. I like the comparison to amoebas. While some of it went over my head (I don’t speak science), I loved “so you can just kiss my molecular structure.” It made me lol 😉

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