Can You Watch a Watch Fob? – Picture it and Write

Picture it and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.
Or, it can be a poem
Anyone who wants to join in is welcome.

the picture prompt for this week is below:


Can You Watch a Watch Fob?

Lou and Bud are walking through a second hand collectibles store:

Lou, what’s that?
What’s what, Bud?
What’s that thing that looks like a crab?
What crab?
There, Lou, that thing that looks sort of like a scorpion.
This thing….?
Lou, don’t pick it up.
Why not pick it up?
Well, first of all you don’t know where it’s been, and it might bite you or sting you..
Bud, don’t be stupid. It’s a watch fob.
A watch fob?
Yeah, a watch fob
A watch fob?
When do you watch it?
All the time.
You have to watch it all the time?
Sure . How else would you know the time?
How do you know the time.?
I look at the watch.
What watch?
The watch fob!
You watch fob? I don’t get it.
Listen, Bud, I don’t watch fob, I watch a watch fob.
You watch a watch fob?
Why do you watch a watch fob?
I told you I watch a watch fob to tell the time.
And it tells you the time?
All the time.
All the time? Oh boy, here we go again. How?
The fob does.
The fob does?
What does the fob do.
Tells the time.
Hey, Lou, what’s a fob stand for?
What do you mean?
Well, could fob mean like Father Of the Bride?
Bud, come on, what does that have to do with time?
How about Full Of Baloney?
Now, Bud, you’re being silly.
No seriously, Lou. What does a fob stand for? Family Of Badgers?
Where are you getting this from, Bud? A fob is a fob. It’s no big deal.
No big deal? It sounds to me like a Full Out Blast!
Okay, that’s it, Bud. I’ve had enough of this. I’m going.
So it’s Finished Our Business, huh?
Bye, Bud.

Randy Mazie

8 thoughts on “Can You Watch a Watch Fob? – Picture it and Write

  1. An entertaining, and at times confusing, conversation between an interesting pair. 😀 I like how while the watch sparked the story, it really took a style of it’s own. Thanks for contributing this week, Randy!

    – Ermisenda

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