Face Off With Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

His father became wealthy, Eduardo became a potential kidnap victim, and the family moved to Miami – to be safe and secure in the arms of America. Eduardo attended high school,  went on to Harvard, and then reaped his first $300K profit from Brazil by manipulating his former homeland’s loosely regulated insider trading laws. We should have seen it coming!

He met Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. The two founded Facebook. The rest is history. Except for a tiny bit of information that you may not have happened to read about.

While you were sleeping…

Eduardo Saverin moved to Singapore, renouncing his U.S.citizenship in order to avoid taxes – American taxes which protected him from being kidnapped when he was a kid. The Ex-Patriot Act was proposed in response to Eduardo’s action. Here is one of many references, “Senators unveil ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ for tax dodgers – UPI.com,” regarding this issue; feel free to research more about it.

Eduardo should be exiled (notwithstanding the passage of Ex-patriot Act).
He should never again be permitted to profit from this country.

All current and future business proceeds (whether from Facebook or otherwise) should become the property of the United States Government to be used directly for the wellbeing of the people of the United States. You know, the police who protected him, the fire department standing ready, the clean drinking water, the hospitals, libraries, roads that he travelled on, lights he used to study by, even… now wait, could it be? The availability of the internet?

Eduardo Saverin has rendered himself less than human. He is a coward and a mouse.

His image should be held up to ridicule, taught in our schools and history books as an example of the most treacherous arbiter of greed and self-centeredness, an entity to be abhorred relegated in the foulest annuls of human history, cast among the likes of Hitler and other monsters, past and present.

These actions are not too severe. Turning your back on the society that gave its best to you, demands that you be treated as a leper. Never to be welcomed back.

Neither you, nor your children, nor your children’s children.

All entities, human and corporate, refusing to contribute in kind to the country which has helped them, must be treated in the same manner as Eduardo Saverin.

They can not keep what they stole. Not just our money, but our heritage. We came here seeking freedom and peace, collective protection and the good life. We work to protect each other’s interests – for our own interest lies in the protection of everyone’s interests. If I get hurt, then you will soon be hurt, too. So we act together, protecting our families and our common good.

Kick the dust off from your shoes, pull up the welcome mat, and lock the doors. Tell them they are not welcome back. Tell them that their business proceeds will remain here even though they won’t. Tell them not to send us their children!


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