I Don’t Believe I’m on the Eve of Dementia: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle


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Few who are suffering from this disease can say this with any force of conviction, much less remember that it’s even evening, or that the last word was supposed to be “Destruction”. Malapropism is fun, but not when your brain, … Continue reading

Oh Yay, I think I Got It


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I enjoyed reading “More Impermanence at the Eat My Haiku word press web site. Please visit. Mike wrote: oh yay, I think I finally got it. Oh no, it’s gone again. My response: I think I understood it. then I … Continue reading

May 8, 1924… Dad


Today would have been my dad’s 88th birthday. He died a few months ago. From Alzheimer’s. Some of you might think it just old age – it was not. It was the slow thieving by a disease from a man … Continue reading