Two New Poems Published in The MacGuffin

Once again I am proud to announce the publication of two of my poems in the latest edition of The MacGuffin: Fall 2020, Vol. XXXVI, No. 3.

The poems are: The Buck Stops Here (a clerihew) and If Subtlety Is Worth Its Weight in Gold (a sonnet). This particular MacGuffin was dedicated to various formal poetic formats.

Copies of the magazine are available through Schoolcraft’s Bookstore website: Schoolcraft Bookstore.

Many thanks to Gordon Krupsky who is the Managing Editor of The MacGuffin and who has been wonderfully available and helpful during this entire process. Thank you, Gordon.

For more information about The MacGuffin, please visit: The MacGuffin.
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The MacGuffin, Fall, 2020


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