My Poem “Cervantes’ Straw” is online at – September 14, 2020

Once again, I’m pleased to announce that my poem Cervantes’ Straw is now online at .

Please click the above link to read it, or copy and paste this URL in your browser:

Many thanks to Ms. Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, Editor, who continues to be wonderfully supportive of my work.

She has an excellent site and I highly recommend that you subscribe to it.

Just use the “Subscribe” link on the left side of the web page. Each day she posts a new poem, a short bio, a pic of the poet, and publishes both current as well as historical poets – often providing excellent background information.

To read my previous poems that she has published, just go to the search box on the left side of the web page where it reads “search for poems,” enter Mazie, and then click the
“search for poems” link under the search box or just hit enter.

Again thanks to Ms. Ferrer, and thanks to all of you who read and express appreciation for my work.



3 thoughts on “My Poem “Cervantes’ Straw” is online at – September 14, 2020

  1. Went there and read the poem, but I can’t leave a comment and I don’t need another account anywhere so I’ll say here that I loved this poem. You hit the generational differences just right as well as the memories and the love.


  2. Mazel tov, Randele!
    You put me in mind of my dad who taught me the fine art of blowing the paper wrapping off the straw. One time I shot one directly into this mouth as he was opening it to bite into a hamburger. In true Bob Wisoff fashion, he removed the paper from his mouth, crumpled it and dropped it into my pop. 😀
    Love the poem. Such fun. I’ll bet you are the world’s best grandpa.

    Shanah tovah


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