Morris Buys a Watermelon: The Continuing Adventures Only on Friday Fictioneers

Morris schlepps Gertie to a seedy part of town for a bargain. But will it be more than he bargained for?

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week’s photo is:

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Morris Buys a Watermelon:

Morris, quick! We got to get out of here. I’m not comfortable. Something bad’s gonna happen.
Gertie, just give me a minute. I want some watermelon and this is the cheapest place around.
What good is cheap if we get our throats slit? Look at all this gang graffiti.
Gertie, I didn’t schlep us all the way over here so we couldn’t buy a watermelon.
No, you schlepped us all the way over here to get us killed. I don’t want to die over a watermelon. Let’s go already.
Hold on, Gertie, I think this is a really ripe one…

Randy Mazie


31 thoughts on “Morris Buys a Watermelon: The Continuing Adventures Only on Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    You know the old saying, “It was to die for.” Perhaps Gertie isn’t too keen on the most literal take. Get the watermelon already! Love the dialogue. I can hear it…in fact I’m sure Gertie and Morris are members of my family. 😉 Actually I did have an Aunt Gertie and my brother’s middle name is Morris after several relatives. (Thought you’d want to know).



    • You must have meant to write “perspiring”, not “persistent.”
      Gertie was definitely perspiring.
      And as far as “you’re killing me!”, Morris said, “No one’s getting killed, trust me.”
      And lastly, Gertie says, “As far as brilliant goes, you must be talking about my brilliant husband who insists on taking me to the best places. Ha!”

      I just say, “Thank you for commenting.”

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