Gertie and Morris On Stage: The Continuing Adventures Only on Friday Fictioneers

Morris is hungry for theater. Gertie is hungry, well, for pastrami?

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week’s photo is:

PHOTO PROMPT ©Dale Rogerson

Gertie and Morris On Stage

Gertie, why are you so upset?
You know why, Morris.
I never get anything right with you, Gertie.
You’d get it right if you’d listen.
Listen, shmishen. I heard you.
What did you hear, Morris?
You said while we’re in New York you wanted to go to the stage.
I said I wanted to eat at the Stage.
So we’ll go to the concession stand. I’ll buy you something.
Oy, Morris. I wanted to eat at the Stage Deli*, not the concession stand at some cut-rate
        play you got half price tickets for on a Wednesday afternoon, you schlep!!!!

Randy Mazie

* The Stage Deli, once a world-famous Jewish delicatessen and home to many celebrities, like so many Jewish delicatessens, sadly, closed November 2012.
Gertie will actually have to settle for Katz’s deli. Which, on the whole, is pretty good, too.


18 thoughts on “Gertie and Morris On Stage: The Continuing Adventures Only on Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    I’d most certainly settle for Katz’s. (never went to Stage) Best pastrami sandwiches ever. That coupled with pickled tomatoes and seltzer. YUM!
    BTW, one of my many nicknames is Schlepp…one of my best friends is Kvetch. We call ourselves the comedy team of Schlepp and Kvetch it. Oy vey!



    • Dear Schlepp,
      You and your friend sound like my mother and my tanteh (who is actually Getel). They’d both schlep and kvetch, too. In fact, these stories are based on the two of them and other members of my mother’s family.

      Shalom back at ya,


    • Gertie, says, “What do you know? Just stay out of this, OK?”
      But I say, ” I think you’re right!”
      But just don’t tell Gertie that, I usually keep my opinions to myself.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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