My Poem “Moments” is now available in The Spirit It Travels

My poem “Moments” is now available as part of the anthology, The Spirit It Travels: An Anthology of Transcendent Poetry, edited by Ms. Nina Alvarez, published by Cosmographia Books.

Please see the announcement of its arrival and its summary below:


The Spirit It Travels: An Anthology of Transcendent Poetry

With 84 poems by 63 poets from 5 countries, this anthology explores the many faces of transcendent experience.

• Paperback: 201 pages
• Publisher: Cosmographia Books (August 1, 2019)
• ISBN-13: 978-1732269095
• Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches
• Shipping Weight: .71 pounds
• Category: Poetry/Anthology
• List Price: $16.95
• Available: on Amazon and at the CosmoShop

Dear Friends of Cosmographia,

Some people just sense the other, deeper, spiritual underpinning of life. It doesn’t matter where you were born, what your parents were like, what you studied, who you love, or where you work. It is a call—deeply personal, deeply subjective, untransferable. A gift. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to share with you sixty-three of these kindred spirits from a rich variety of religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds joined by this one idea: transcendence.

When asked for a definition of the term “transcendent,” visionary director and avid meditator David Lynch once said:

Within every human being there is a treasury. And this treasury is the transcendent. It’s a field, an eternal field, of pure, unbounded consciousness, and it, being eternal, has always and forever been there. Underlying the whole field of relativity, deep within each one of us, never had a beginning, it’s there now and it will be there forever.

In this collection you will find notes from the transcendent treasuries of poets spanning six decades in age. Professors, poets laureate, English teachers, teaching artists, arts administrators, professors, MFAs, PhDs, a high school student, college students, copywriters, reporters and columnists, lawyers, visual artists, artists-in-residence, filmmakers, actors, musicians, music teachers, social workers, youth advocates, refugee advocates, travelers, food columnists, semi-truck drivers, and a few rather novel library jobs: one contributor runs the tea service at the University of Colorado Law Library—another archives the audiovisual catalog at the New York Public Library. Some have over a hundred publications, some have multiple poetry prizes, and still there are some for whom this will be their first time in print.

The name of this anthology, The Spirit It Travels, was inspired by Singaporean poet Fariq Yusoff’s poem “My Travelling Spirit” (page 27 in the anthology) and is meant to be read both ways: The Spirit, It Travels—and The Spirit It Travels. The spirit goes on journeys—and the spirit is also the road on which we (and all things) make our way, as Yusoff puts it, “beyond space and time.”

Eighty-four poems are presented in seven sections of twelve poems each—Searching, Introspection, Secrets, Time, Mysteries of Nature, Awakening in Nature, and Spirit—each marked by an illustration. Featuring works by poets from the U.S., UK, Canada, Turkey, and Singapore, these selections paint a dynamic portrait of contemporary transcendent thought and feeling.


We are a very small press with limited resources. Please help us share the news about this important book.

-Nina Alvarez, Cosmographia Books


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