So it’s not Katz’s Deli? Friday Fictioneers

Another new adventure for Gertie and Morris…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week’s photo is:


So It’s Not Katz’s Deli?

So it’s not Katz’s, Gertie.
Morris, you promised Katz’s.
No, I said, maybe it’s like Katz’s.
Morris, how could a Red Mountain Deli pastrami be anything like Katz’s.
Gertie, we won’t know until we try.
I doubt they’d even know what pastrami is. Much less rye.
Think Thoreau, Gertie.
What does that mean?
Thoreau once wrote It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Morris, you’re meshugah.
Just saying…
Before Katz’s you suggested a new Mexican restaurant, instead we wind up in New Mexico.
Oy, Gertie, you never listen.
Listen, shmisten, take me back to Miami.

Randy Mazie


33 thoughts on “So it’s not Katz’s Deli? Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,

    I bet this deli doesn’t have pickled tomatoes either…or seltzer. Ah Katz’s home of delight on rye. Nowhere is like Katz’s. To think Mexican could ever compare is sheer mishegass. Great to see you here.



    • Haven’t had time to post on FF since I’ve been in search of the perfect pastrami sandwich… aaahh, pickled tomatoes.
      How about a chocolate egg cream instead of that plain seltzer?
      And maybe a few blintzes on the side.

      aleichem shalom,


  2. Hey! Hey! Long time no see!
    What? How can you tell if you don’t try (said with heaviest of heavy Florida Jewish accents)
    This was fun, Randy.

  3. Stay out of Northern California folks, they have never heard of good crusty rye bread, and yes, they will put mayo on your pastrami if you don’t tell them not to!! While in South Florida look up a Too Jays Gourmet Deli location near you.. You will not be disappointed! Excellent write.

    • Thanks for the compliment. And yes, I’ve eaten in TooJays. I like the latkes, blintzes, chicken soup, chopped liver, and ruggulah. Do you think the Red Mountain Deli serves any of that?

      Used to love Pumpernick’s and the Rascal House – although you’d have to mortgage your house for the price of a pastrami sandwich.


  4. There’s a Katz’s in Miami too.? Is it a chain? I know they have a really famous one in Manhattan. Having always been such a sucker for a good pun, I’m quite smitten with the confusion between new Mexican and New Mexico

    • Naw, there is no Katz’s in Miami that I know of. Didn’t know that there was one even in New York.

      However, there is a Katz’s deli in McCaysville, Georgia. Pretty darn good too. But pretty darn expensive, also.


  5. I’m sure that when people come from the big city to my little home town they’re similarly dismayed at the lack of choice 🙂
    I see from other comments that “Katz” is real – some sort of big American chain of cafes?

    • Naw, just a Jewish name and many Jewish Deli’s are name after their Jewish proprietors.
      For example TooJays, Pumnperkick’s and Rascal. Just kidding.

      (better examples are: Liebman’s, Loeser’s, Fine & Schapiro, Frankel’s – all in NYC)


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