How these times test our faith, our core of restraint, decency, and sense of continuity …

Pic by Randy Mazie


How do you keep faith knowing
that 11 Jews were murdered today?
Faith is trusting God’s will.
Was it God’s will for them to die?
Was it God’s will for their deaths to shake my faith in Him?
And what of the victim’s faith?
If they could speak now, how would they
justify God’s letting them die?
Or their families? Children? Parents?
Did God’s will enter the shooter’s mind?
Guide his hand? His aim?
Guide his heart?

And what of the Kentucky Kroger killings
of 2 Afro-Americans?
And the 17 Stoneman Douglas High School students murdered?
And the 59 Las Vegas Strip visitors massacred?
The 49 Pulse Nightclub LGBT victims?
The 6 Wisconsin Sikh temple worshipers dead?
And the 26 Sandy Hook children gone?
Dear God, need I list more?
More people struck down?
For what?

My faith shaken? Yes.
Mourn these deaths? Yes.
Cry out in despair? Yes.
Rage against these killers? Yes.
Reconcile my faith?


Randy Mazie


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