Disappearing Times

The times table, the New York Times, bed time, tea time, time out and disappearing times…

Disappearing Times

We live in terrible times.
Disappearing times.
When you can seek the truth,
and die because of it.
When you can fall out of a window,
find yourself poisoned,
raped multiple times
and then murdered,
when you can be continuously molested
and be told that when you discuss it you are
impugning someone else’s integrity,
when you can be detained indefinitely,
when you become false news,
a liar, and unpatriotic,
when taking a knee
is no longer a sign of concern, worry, or prayer,
but a condition indicating a ferocious disloyalty.
Oh how I hurt, we hurt,
all of us, disappearing,
into these times.

Randy Mazie


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