Gertrude and Jack Attend a Resist Trump Rally: Friday Fictioneers

We all show up at wrong parties from time to time – whether birthday parties, whoopee parties or political parties…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week photo is:

PHOTO PROMPT © Carla Bicomong

Gertrude and Jack Attend a Resist Trump Rally

“Gertrude,” Jack says to his wife of thirty years. “This is a Resist Trump rally.”

“No, it’s a Light Festival.”

“No. This pamphlet says they’re protesting Trump’s ridiculing of the first President Bush’s ‘Thousand Points of Light’ slogan. Trump said his ‘Make America Great Again’ was a real slogan and that Bush’s made no sense.”

“This is a protest?”

“Sorry, Gertie.”

“But Jack, isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes. And so was Bush’s idea that organizational volunteers are the shining stars of our country. But here’s the real deal…”

“What’s that, Jackie dear?”

“We’re Democrats. What the hell are we doing here?”

Randy Mazie


37 thoughts on “Gertrude and Jack Attend a Resist Trump Rally: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Do Democrats never protest? Let Jack and Gertie enjoy the lights and pretend to be tourists caught up in something they don’t understand. 🙂

  2. At first, I thought Jack and Gertie might be Trump supporters, which would be awkward, at this particular protest.

    But it’s interesting, that you chose a protest within Trump’s own party, the Bush Republicans (and Bush I (1988-92), no less), opposing a less than charitable comment by the Republican or RINO, depending on your view, currently in office, whom people either love, tolerate, or love to hate.

    Politics in this country is indeed splintering in all sorts of directions, rife with interesting conflict.

    I would think that most Democrats could easily endure a protest like this, even if they disagreed with Bush’s “points of light” point, as many did, thinking that it merely was an excuse to reduce funding to public institutions which carried out charitable missions.

    • Thank you for your incisive, concise and precise comments.
      You’re right. I agree.
      Gert and Jack agree, too. It was just that Jack wasn’t expecting, as a Democrat, to be at a Republican function, much less any political outing. It was just supposed to be an evening’s outing. Wound up at a wrong party,

      Thanks for commenting. i enjoyed it.
      And your reasoning/history was why I chose this soft backdrop for the little ditty.


  3. Thanks for having humor and for keeping this light (pun intended) because I rolled my eyes and wanted to skip this one because I am
    Work down reading about the presidential topic!
    But you only used that as part of your story – you brought in the bit of humor and bit of history with a mice companionship anchor

    • Get your pitchfork out? Not on this blog, besides I tend to less controversial impulses.

      And you madea good point about Dem’s “bumping up numbers” – if that was direction both I, as the author, and Jack, as the “comfortable party, Democrat party, go-er” wanted to go.

      Good comments, and thanks for the discussion.

  4. Dear Randy,

    I hope there was food at the party. At least that might have made the mistake worthwhile. Ah politics I leave that subject alone. Wish I could leave the country…sigh. Good story in any case.



    • Oy, Jack said if there was food, he would have stayed. But the lights were killing his eyes. He doesn’t see well at night as it it is.

      As for politics, I thought I gave all factions equal time, treated them with respect, and tried not to have a slant. I thought hard about whether I should do this, sharing your concern. But I wanted a different perspective on the use of lights, and I thought I had treated the subject matter with a light-hearted (pun intended) and humorous touch.

      Oy, so many words! Jack said, let’s get getel and eat.

      Got to go.
      Love ya,

    • Giggling is good.

      Dawn, would you say you were Drawn? If yes,when did it dawn on you that you were Drawn? Did you ever think you could have been Drawn? Did you want to be Drawn, but you parents misplaced the “r” on the birth certificate? Do you have a family member who is Drawn? Did it ever dawn on you that you could be Drawn and Quartered?
      This is getting drawn out, so I’ll quit here while it’s dawning on me. I see the light now.

      still giggling?

      Randy 😉

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