Making the Best of It: Friday Fictioneers

Sometimes even the back-up plan has a hiccup…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week photo is:

PHOTO PROMPT © Karen Rawson

Making the Best of It

Henry, you said a getaway in the woods.
I did.
A return to nature.
I did, too.
This is not my idea of what you promised.
And Gloria, neither is it mine. The ad said a cabin in the sky, stairway to heaven, and
      waters at your feet. And it’s all true, but not exactly as promised or, at least,
Well, Henry, we’re here already. Let’s make the best of it. Get out the hot dogs. At least
      we can have a decent cookout.
Honey, where did you put the ice chest?

Randy Mazie


58 thoughts on “Making the Best of It: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh no! Let’s hope they find the ice chest and also something beautiful there that makes it all okay. At least they have each other. An advantage in such a deserted place.

  2. Camping – that’s a complete anathema to me. I only did it once, but I learned all I needed to know. I hope they have a pleasant break – ice chest or no ice chest.

    • Advertising people: it’s amazing what a few descriptive words can do. As writers, don’t we know that!

      And who said he left it behind? I suspect that’s going to be next bone of contention. Watch for part 2 titled, “F–k Making the Best of It”.


  3. We always planned a “break-the-ice” weekend camping trip, not too far from home, to see what we forgot, what we needed, what we didn’t… That way, when we went on our real trips, we were on the ball…. for most of the stuff!

    This was a fun one, Randy.

  4. As long there’s a clean bed inside. Trust me, I’ve been to worse places. Those pesky travel sites don’t paint the complete picture.

  5. One of those moments when “Oh, bother,” isn’t quite enough. Nor, for that matter, is “I’m sorry, darling.” I really enjoyed this story. I also thoroughly enjoyed your one-liners sprinkled throughout the comments, especially an-athema attack.

  6. Ah, no ice chest, which means making the best of it will be even harder. Perhaps they’ll enjoy foraging for mushrooms and berries then. Not a trip either of them expected.

  7. I remember camping once and mother had left the hot dogs at home so we had mustard/onion sandwiches. We laughed about it for years but those accidental mistakes make some of the best memories. Oh, we didn’t catch any fish either. Nicely done!

  8. I hate such misleading advertisements. Great tale! Thank god those people are optimistic and are trying to make the best of it. Otherwise the whole experience will be ruined.

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