This Door

Many people are fascinated by doors. I certainly am one…

My blog friend, Janet, at This, That and the Other often posts wonderful pics of doors. Just type “doors” in her search bar to see some of her beautiful shots. Today I read a poem by another blogger, Robert Okaji, whose work I appreciate. He posts at O at the Edges ; I enjoyed and was inspired by his poem entitled: Door.

In response, I was moved to write my own:

This Door

How many eyes have looked at your entrance-way,
touched your surface, your veneer,
noticed your scrapes, nicks,
the layers of paint, the lines of your
the grooves of your ornate panels, or the
the cool flatness of your metal finish,
any or all of this
opening you.

Did they see the knob before they turned it?
Did they give it thought?
Did they see it bronzed, and worn? Rectangular, oblong?
Chiseled glass? A prism of color.
Was it locked? Did it catch as it was turned?
Did it turn to the left? Or,
to open.
Was there a keyhole, underneath?

Did it swing wide? Or was it slow to open?
Did it creak? Moan.
Did its grace, silence, surprise you?
Was there light there on the other side?
Or did you have to search for it? A switch, perhaps?
Did you go in? Or, out?

Did you find what you expected?
did you not have any?
Expectations, that is.
After all, it is only a door.

Randy Mazie

@randy mazie


4 thoughts on “This Door

    • Thanks.

      It looks like we just missed the worst, living more to the east, but very concerned for our neighbors on the coast – yet we are not yet out of the zone. getting tornado calls, and still anticipate winds of 125 mph. We prepare for the worst, hope and pray for the best.

      Have my m-i-l and s-i-l here plus my son’s girlfriend, her dog, my s-i-l’s rabbit, my m-i-l’s cat, our dog and cock-a-tiel – plus we brought our 14 hens inside into a temporary cardboard cage in our living room (couldn’t bear to think of them outside). LOL


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