Third Poem Accepted

While I am awaiting notification of the publication of my second accepted poem, I’ve received notification that a third poem has been accepted by Poetry Leaves 2017.

“Dear Randy Mazie,

Thank you for sending us “Sometime I’d Just Like to Hang Out With God”. We love it and would like to publish it in the Exhibition May 2-31, 2017 and in the Poetry Leaves bound volume.

Thanks again.
Liz Waun
Poetry Leaves

As the poem will exhibited by being attached to a tree and later printed in a bound edition (see the bottom of this page for more information). I am posting my submission below in the meanwhile:

Trees c Randy Mazie

Sometime I’d Just Like to Hang Out With God

… maybe go out
into the fresh air,
and ask God to join me,
if He wasn’t too busy.

… maybe the two of us
could throw around a baseball.
I could lend him my glove.
We could chat about His day;
yell, sorry, if one of us threw the ball poorly.

… maybe we could go
for a walk in the woods,
breathing in that sweet mossy forest air.
I’d ask Him to tell me
which of the trees and plants
that He had created
especially delighted Him,
so I could enjoy His choices.

Oh, to just take the time
to hang out together as friends,
not demanding anything
of each other.
Just sharing who we are,
letting our hearts beat in tandem.

… maybe humming
a tune together,
or just whistling.

Randy Mazie

Poetry Leaves is an Outdoor Poetry Exhibition that is displayed during the month of May. The exhibition was launched in 2014 as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month. Thanks to the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, the Waterford Township Public Library can continue the tradition.

Original poetry will be placed in the trees on the Township Campus, 5200 Civic Center Dr., Waterford. If you look at the photo gallery on the PICTURES page, you will see a few examples of how the poems will look when hung from a branch. This novel idea was a brainchild of Sue Camilleri. Then it was spearheaded by Joan Rogers of the Waterford Township Public Library.

Since the project’s inception in 2014 over 100 original poems have been included in the Poetry Leaves Exhibitions. Their diversity was gratifying and the poems themselves were amazing. We expect no less this year.


7 thoughts on “Third Poem Accepted

    • Thanks, Janet.
      I’ve missed you. Somehow, a while back, I must have accidentally unfollowed “This, That, and the Other” while cleaning up some of the blogs that were no longer publishing. I kept thinking about why I wasn’t seeing your posts. Aside from remembering that a while back you posted that you were not going to be able to have access to the Internet, shortly after that I stop receiving your posts. While I’ve been busy going on 3 to 4 day backpacking junkets and getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail, I have intermittently felt I was missing your blogs, but couldn’t understand why, other than maybe you had stopped. Yesterday I finally had time to do some investigating and reinstated your “This, That, and the Other”, so hopefully you are continuing to post and I will be able to continue to follow you, and hopefully continue to comment every once in a while – although my wife, Debbie, and iI will be leaving to start hiking the AT in two weeks.
      Best regards,


      • What a great trip that will be, Randy. I did wonder why I hadn’t seen or heard from you, but people get busy and that happens. Then yesterday or the day before, I saw that you started following my blog. I know that sometimes people can inadvertently bumped from following, so I just thought that’s what happened. Nice to have you back. I’ll be posting except when I’m on a trip, because I’ve realized how nice it is to just concentrate on having fun on the trip. 🙂


    • Thank you. Me, too. Now on to my next project. My wife and I leave for backpacking the AT for I’m not sure how long. Five days, Five weeks, or five months? We’ve made preparations the latter, but realize it could end up being one of the former. Excited though at the adventure. Randy

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