Does Love Trump All? Or, Does Trump Love All? Or, Do All Love Trump? Tweet Tweet.

Well, my first poem is now posted in, get this, The Rat’s Ass Review.

Heck, you got to start someplace. The piece is on a page entitled, “Such an Ugly Time”, reflecting thoughts about the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

I submitted several generic pieces reflecting themes of stress, worry, indignation, and uncertainty. Roderick Bates, the editor, chose this light-hearted faux sonnet, a piece meant to be both silly and specifically mocking Trump, his administration, love, and tweets.

The web page starts off with:

“Such an Ugly Time

‘. . . you must protest you must protest
it is your diamond duty
ah but in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty’

So wrote Phil Ochs in the liner notes on his 1967 album Pleasures of the Harbor. With that prescience which artists often display, Ochs could as easily have been speaking to us today as to those LBJ-era protestors who were making Vietnam the political issue of their time.

And following Ochs’ lead, Rat’s Ass Review will spend the first 100 days of the Trump presidency accumulating beauty and speaking artistic truth to ugliness. Not that beauty means smiling myopic ignorance; our poets will meet dark times with dark works as well as light ones. But they will hold out the hope that the arts have always offered – that the best of human effort can always go on, and in fact must go on, even in such an ugly time.”

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Have some fun...

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