Without a Marker, There is No Time: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

If words had no commas, hyphens, semicolons, periods, would they be sentences? Would a question mark be recognized, or would they, words, just all hang like stars in an endless sky?

Each week The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “Wordle’s” 12 words. This week it is:

Wordle's words

Wordle’s words

Without a Marker, There is No Time

When did the Aztecs bring in the New Year?
Was it on March 12 or February 13?
Was it really at sunrise, and not at midnight?
They lit candles, I think. Which was indigenous. Holy.

What was it like when cruel boots crushed ground
in Nazi Germany in the new 1941? Bruised bodies into
camps. Muffled pleas. Hollow eyes. Eviscerated
fingers stuck through fences. Limp zebra suits.

Did the world start on New Year’s Day
with a big bang? Does it always start with a bang?
Was there a demon there back then alongside Father Time?
Did the ball drop? Hang back? Or was it only just created?

I mean to say, that there was no cost to me last night
in celebration. I fell asleep early. Slept in. Missed the world.

Randy Mazie


11 thoughts on “Without a Marker, There is No Time: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

  1. I’ve missed several New Year’s arrivals, I don’t think I lost out other than having a clearer head than many. However life is so much more about now rather than then or the future.

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