A Shadowy Delight: dVerse ~ Poets Pub

To challenge myself further, in addition to the theme of “shadow” and the 44 word limit, I have constructed a 5 line poem of exactly 11 syllables per line.

For an interesting post/challenge regarding a poetic form entitled a Quadrille, please visit dVerse ~ Poets Pub .

One word, which this week is: shadow, becomes the theme for the poem, which must be written using exactly, not more or less, 44 words (not counting the title), but inclusive of the theme word “shadow”.

Here’s how to Quadrille:

– Write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word shadow.
– Put your poem on your blog and link back to this post.
– Link it up to our Mr. Linky.
– Visit other blogs. Enjoy some amazing poets. Comment. Come back later this week and write another one, and visit some more. Comment some more. Cast as many poem shadows as you please.

public domain pic

public domain pic

A Shadowy Insight

Shadows come and go, we see, with passing day
and night. Their dark forms come alive at dawn, and
wither without light. It is the strangest thing,
it seems, to be, then not to be, in sight. So

enlightened in daylight; impolite at night.

Randy Mazie


43 thoughts on “A Shadowy Delight: dVerse ~ Poets Pub

    • Meaning is truly the glue, for me, of all poetry.
      I am not an abstractionist,
      Impressionist and sensualist, at times. And maybe clever – but above all, or underlying all or threaded throuout all -is meaning.
      And I mean it. (Chuckle.)

  1. Yes, it does take village to whelp, then sustain poets, if not poetry itself. There is generally some light filtering through clouds from the moon, even on the darkest of night; but the night shadows are misshapened & deep & mysterious, like mud n the water.

    • Thanks, I’m smiling, too.
      However I did change the last two lines to:

      it seems, to be, then not to be, in sight. So

      enlightened in daylight; impolite at night

      which served many purposes. I was actually off in my syllable count in that last line, and one off in my total word count – which I did not realize until after I posted. My math abilities, it seems, when it goes beyond my ten fingers is more impaired than my poetic ambitions.
      Turns out though – that I like the piece even better with the change.


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